Nissan 240SX Performance Modification/Transmission/Clutch Reviews

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Not my preferred clutch. Friction material tends to shear off with aggressive driving. Also has an extremely stiff pressure plate. This helps with increased load bearing, but places a high load on the thrust bearings of the engine.

Clutch Masters FX400[edit]


This is my single plate design of choice. Not real good wear if used for daily driving in stop and go traffic and areas that require you to stop on hills (Seattle, San Francisco). The pressure plate is not overly stiff, just solid. The clutch relys on a good strong ceramic friction material to do the work. The feel is that of an on/off switch, instant and strong engagemnet.

Exedy Stage 1 (SR20DET)[edit]


This is a single plate, organic clutch upgrade for the SR20DET motor. The pedal effort is very close to stock and the feel is also close to stock. Its rated up to 240lbs of torque, so its only for lightly modified cars. I am a little dissapointed with it and I wish I went with a harsher clutch/lightweight flywheel set up.

XTD Stage 3 Racing Clutch[edit]

$129.00 on EBAY

This is a 6 puck MIBA copper ceramic clutch. I have had mine for about 30,000 miles on my NA/KA. the enguagement is pretty stiff and took a little bit to get used to , but once I did it got fun. My car can launches hard and I can pop the clutch and spin tires if I want to on my stock KA. They are rated to 320HP

Some recent stage 3 clutch pressure plate has very light pedal pressure. It's not a very solid feeling and definitely not suitable for drifting.