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Nissan 240SX Performance Modification

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This guide is intended to give in-depth descriptions and exact procedures to modify the Nissan 240SX to be a more proficient sports car. This guide is not intended to provide styling advice or to provide info on body conversions or bodykits. If you are new to the Nissan 240SX and not familliar with the vehicle at all you should probably start with the Nissan 240SX entry on Wikipedia.org

Power Modifications[edit | edit source]

The goal of power modifications are to increase the overall power of your 240SX. Power goals can be attained through modifications of the stock engine, or by swapping in an altogether different engine than the KA24 that came in your car. A more detailed write up on nissan 240sx swaps can be found here: http://240sxlisted.com/240sx-swaps-p23

KA24DE and KA24E
Engine Swaps
Non Nissan Engine Swaps
Ignition and Fuel Management

Drivetrain Modification[edit | edit source]

Power is nothing unless you can get it to the wheels. If you plan on upping the horsepower of your vehicle you should also look into modifying your drivetrain to handle it.

Final Drive

Suspension and Brake Modification[edit | edit source]

What good is all that power if you can't turn or stop? Overlooking suspension and brake upgrades is a common and sometimes costly mistake.

Shocks and Springs
Control Arms
Sway Bars

Chassis Modification[edit | edit source]

Trying to get that extra bit of performance out of your car? Making it lighter and stiffer is a good way to make the car handle better.

Chassis Strengthening
Weight Reduction
4 lug to 5 lug conversion

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