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A Cold Air Intake is a performance system designed to allow for a greater volume of air to enter the engine, at a lower temperature. The system is usually comprised of a replacement filter, an air passage tube, and mounting hardware.

The replacement filter generally substitutes a cloth element that uses special oil, applied to the cloth element to collect dust and prevent particles from entering the engine. Although performance filters that work without the need for oiling have been introduced. The cloth elements allow greater volumes of air and easier flow of air providing greater power and faster revving from the engine.

The air passage tube carries the air from the filter to the throttle body. The tube is generally constructed of metal and designed in such a manner to move the physical location of the air filter to an area away from the heat of the engine, such as inside the fender or behind the bumper. resulting in a cooler intake charge. Colder air has a higher density, offering more oxygen for combustion. The tube generally has holes and fittings for attachment of factory fitted electronic sensors, and factory fitted vacuum tubes.

Mounting hardware usually consists of brackets to support the tube by bracing it on the body or engine.

Several Cold Air Intakes are available for the 240SX

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