Nissan 240SX Performance Modification/Engine Swaps/RB26DETT

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Specs and Versions[edit]

Swap Guide[edit]

Required Items[edit]

RB26DETT, RB25 RWD Transmission, RB into S-Chasis mounts: engine and transmission (McKinney, ISR) and Downpipe

Step by Step[edit]

In this web booklet, I will provide some insight on what it takes to complete this swap. Do not believe the rumors surrounding the motor's sticker price being high. There are many places where you can purchase the engine for around 3-4k. There are some hidden costs that come with this swap. You will not be able to buy the engine and directly swap in, because I am comparing it to the SR20. The RB26, unlike any other swap, requires a different tranny(transmission) than the one your clip comes with. If you just get the motor, then you are better off spending a million dollars on doughnuts. The clip will carry everything you do not want to buy. The RB26 swap is a great swap, but parts are not cheap. Most of the time, you can even get breaks with the deal. You will need to purchase a RB25 transmission. The transmissions cost somewhere in between $900-1100. Anything more than that is a rip off. Wiring is a big issue and if you are not a wiring god, then this is for you. I suggest sending the harness to Mckinney Motor Sports. They are a very reputable shop; dealing with thousands of 240s every year. I would also suggest buying their wonderful motor mounts. Sometimes you can get a set on Ebay, but Mckinney made the mold for them. The wiring cost about $400 for the S13 and $450 for the S14. The motor mounts cost $625 (roughly), but are well worth the money. Now that you have that information, the rest should be your basic swap setup. There is no banging or cutting required. I encourage the RB25 swap because of the price, but if you must do RB26, then I suggest looking this over. Here is the web page for Mckinney Motor Sports- Happy Building! :) Template:CookBat