Nissan 240SX Performance Modification/Brake Upgrades

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Stock brake spec and known compatible replacements[edit | edit source]

Front options for S-chassis

S13 USDM ('89-'94) rotors are 252x20mm (non ABS) or 257x22mm (with ABS)

S13 Silvia/180SX (CA18DET) rotors are smaller than S13 Silvia/180SX (SR20DET) brakes. Maybe they are the size of S13 USDM brakes?

S13 Silvia/180SX (SR20DET) rotors are 280x22mm

Altima rotors are 280x22mm

Z32 rotors are 280x 26mm or 30mm

rear options for S-chassis

S13 - 10" non-vented rotor, smaller single piston caliper, integral handbrake

S14/S15 - 10" non-vented rotor, larger single piston caliper, integral handbrake

A31 Cefiro - 10.5" non-vented rotor, smaller single piston caliper, drum handbrake

J30/Q45 - 11" vented rotor, large single piston caliper, drum handbrake

Z32/R32 - 11.75" vented rotor, 2-piston caliper, drum handbrake

Stock Brake Improvements[edit | edit source]

The factory brake system can be optimized by using a good brand of sport/racing pads, high quality rotors and fresh high quality brake fluid. These items will assist in getting the most out of the hardware provided by the manufacturer, and are generally the best bang for the buck upgrade. This is considered sufficient for many owners and can lock some very sticky tires easily while retaining the most linear modularity.

Late model 5-lug S14s('97-'98) have slightly larger rotors and use a considerably larger pad than other models.

Maxima / 180SX spec Brake Swap[edit | edit source]

The owners of S14's ('95-'98), can upgrade their brakes using 1995 Nissan Maxima calipers, rotors and pads, and for those with 4 bolt use 1995 Nissan Altima rotors with a 3mm spacer between the caliper and the spindle.

For the owners of S13s ('89-'94) You can upgrade your stock front brakes to JDM 180SX spec using USDM parts. This upgrades main benefit is the additional mass to the rotor for heat dissipation. The caliper pistons are not so large as to impact braking bias more than a trivial amount. The following will be needed for this swap:

stock non abs s13 brakes VS 180sx style brakes

('93-'97) 1st generation Nissan ultima rotors. These are 280x22mm and have a 4x114 bolt pattern.

('89-'99) 3rd and 4th generation Nissan Maxima brake calipers

('89-'99) 3rd and 4th generation Nissan Maxima brake caliper mounting brackets

('89-'99) 3rd and 4th generation Nissan Maxima brake caliper mounting bracket hardware kit

('89-'99) 3rd and 4th generation Nissan Maxima brake pads

These parts all directly bolt onto the s13 with no major modifications needed. This swap retains near stock

stock non abs s13 brakes VS 180sx style brakes

Before and after pictures of swap done on '90 240sx without abs:

Concerns worth noting:

-The brake swap will not fit anything smaller than a 15" alloy wheel. This will not clear a stamped steel wheel and drags on the caliper paralell surface.

- The stock rotor dust shield no longer clears the larger brake rotor. Modifications or removal to this are necessary for fitment. 2" deep slices with shears spaced 1.5" apart should be sufficient to allow the outside edge to be bent flat.

-The pad hangs over the edge from this setup by approximately 5mm. Although it is visually striking, it does not negatively impact braking performance or cause any reliability issues.

      • YOU CAN USE 2000-2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R 11 inch rotors instead of altima rotors and there is no gap, they work perfect and are the same size as 180sx rotors exactly. -Boyce

The sentra SE-R Rotors are the exact same thing. There are 2 different part numbers. One is the exact same rotor as the U13U. The other is a different part number but the only difference is that the hat is painted black...THATS IT - Someone who actually knows what they're talking about

      • update***

Boyce is correct:

Tried the 2001 SE-R rotors, they are same size as my old 180sx rotors and I have no gap on mine, friends car with altima rotors has gap. (verified by chad)

300ZX (Z32/r32/jdm silvia) Brakes Swap[edit | edit source]

300ZX Brake 4 piston Calipers and Rotors are an available swap for the stock 240SX braking system. They require the following parts:

('xx-'xx) 300zx calipers or alternative compatible replacements

('xx-'xx) Skyline calipers

('xx-'xx) Jdm s14 silvia calipers

('xx-'xx) Rotors

('xx-'xx) Pads

('xx-'xx) R32 ebrake cable (optional if rear brakes are swapped to retain optimal brake bias and brake functionality)

('xx-'xx) Master cylinder (optional if rear brakes are swapped to retain optimal brake bias)

Q45 Brake Upgrade:

Hi guys, this is AmatsuDorifuto of Forums here to give some input of what is needed for the Infiniti Q45 brake upgrade for the 240sx.

Step 1: Purchases = A) 90 - 96 Q45 front brake calipers B) 90 - 96 Q45 front brake pads C) 90 - 96 Q45 front brake rotors

Step 2: Removal of old equipment = A) Loosen the lug nuts on the front two wheels B) Jack up the front of the car and support on jack stands C) Remove both wheels D) Remove calipers by removing the two 14mm bolts E) Remove caliper brackets by removing two 19mm bolts F) Your pads, rotors, and any other stuff will come off now.

Step 3: Installation of new equipment = Pretty simple, it's the opposite of removal.

Enjoy your new brakes! They will perform much better than stock.

Aftermarket Brake Systems[edit | edit source]

Several aftermarket braking system upgrades are available and for sale for the nissan 240SX such as AP Racing, Wilwood, Project MU, etc.

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