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Carl Friedrich von Weizsaecker

As a child, I owned a little booklet by C. F. v. Weizsäcker, called The History of Nature, which is still available. It left a great impression on me, because this book described the basic natural sciences of the world in clear, concise words. Despite some factual errors, it is still readable and inspired this Wikibook.

Unfortunately, I have not found a critical examination of religion by C.F. Weizsäcker. It would have been interesting to read his opinion on a delimitation of what is acceptable to the Christian faith and other religions and what is to be rejected from a scientific point of view.

Meanwhile, I have also discovered the following book by CFvW, which I'm going read. Perhaps it will bring me some new insights about his relationship to religion:

  • Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker and Thomas Gürnitz (1992). Die Sterne sind glühende Gaskugeln und Gott ist gegenwärtig: über Religion und Naturwissenschaft (German)
    The stars are gas balls and God is present: On religion and science (English)
    . Freiburg: Herder (Spectrum). ISBN 3-451-04077-8.

Some of the material used in creating this Wikibook has come from my homepage, and is in the public domain.

In August 2005. User:Rho (at German Wikibooks)
In the evening twilight, a man came to the village and said he was the prophet.
But the peasants did not believe him. "Prove it!" they demanded.
The man pointed to a [nearby] fortress wall and asked: "If this wall [started] talking, would you believe me?"
"By God, we [would] believe you," they cried.
The man turned to the wall, reached out, and commanded, "Speak, O wall!"
The wall began to speak, "This man is not a prophet, he is deceived, he is a liar."

Zülfü Livanelis, A beautiful quotation abridged from: The Eunuch of Constantinople.