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The days of the week[edit]

Several of the days of the week have names related to numbers. Except for Σαββατο, Saturday, which is neuter, they are all feminine.

Κυριακή (Lord's day) Sunday
Δευτέρα (Second day) Monday
Τρίτη (Third day) Tuesday
Τετάρτη (Fourth day) Wednesday
Πέμπτη (Fifth day) Thursday
Παρασκευή ("Preparation") Friday
Σάββατο ("Sabbath") Saturday


η μέρα the day
χτες (alt.sp. χθες) yesterday
σήμερα today
αύριο tomorrow

Saying what day it is[edit]

This is the way I would assume that it would be said. Is capitalising standard? Is the form of my question right? Is it idiomatic?

Είναι Παρασκευή. It is Friday.
Σήμερα είναι τετάρτη. Today is wednesday.
Τι μέρα είναι σήμερα; What day is it today?