Modern Greek/Lesson 01.7

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  • There are 24 letters in the greek alphabet
  • The greek alphabet has 5 vowel SOUNDS.
  • Some of them look like letters from this alphabet, but they are not to be confused (lowercase "ni" looks like "v" but it is said like "n").

The Alphabet[edit]

Letter Name Name (transliterated) Pronunciation As in
Α α άλφα alfa /a/ aardvark
Β β βήτα vita /v/ van
Γ γ γάμμα gamma /ɣ/ [1]
Δ δ δέλτα dhelta /ð/ this
Ε ε έψιλον epsilon /e/ letter
Ζ ζ ζίτα zita /z/ ozone
Η η ήτα ita /i/ wing
Θ θ θήτα thita /θ/ thanks
Ι ι ιώτα iota /i/ wing
Κ κ κάππα kappa /k/ cat
Λ λ λάμδα lamda /l/ light
Μ μ μι mi /m/ market
Ν ν νι ni /n/ not
Ξ ξ ξι xi /x/ next
Ο ο όμικρον omikron /o/ pot
Π π πι pi /p/ spit
Ρ ρ ρο rho /r/ right
Σ σ ς* σίγμα sigma /s/ sister
Τ τ ταυ taf /t/ top
Υ υ ύψιλον ypsilon /i/ wing
Φ φ φι fi /f/ foot
Χ χ χι chi /h/(ch) bach
Ψ ψ ψι psi /ps/ lips
Ω ω ωμέγα omega /o/ pot
  • ς is used at the end of a word only.


Combination pronounced As in
αι /e/ tell
ει /i/ sting
οι /i/ sting
ου /oo/(ou) tool
αυ /av/ slav
/af/ after
ευ /ev/ bevel
/ef/ left


Combination Pronounced
μπ- /b/
-μπ- /mb/
ντ- /d/
-ντ- /nd/
γκ- /g/
-γκ- /ng/
-γγ- /ng/
τζ- /dj/
τσ- /ts/


  1. Transliterating γ would be very tricky, if at all possible, in English