Modern Greek/Lesson 04.5

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Lesson 4.5: Passive Verbs (2nd Conjugation)[edit]

This lesson will teach the endings of the 2nd conjugation in the passive voice, namely -άμαι, -άσαι, -άται, -όμαστε, -άστε, -ούνται.

Κοιμάμαι · To Sleep
- Sing. Plu.
1st κοιμάμαι κοιμόμαστε
2nd κοιμάσαι κοιμάστε
3rd κοιμάται κοιμούνται
θυμάμαι remember (~"thymus")
φοβάμαι be afraid (~"phobia")
αισθάνομαι feel (~"aesthetics")
κοιμάμαι sleep
αποκοιμάμαι fall asleep