Minecraft Speedrunning/Exiting Nether

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When you have enough ender pearls and blaze rods, it's time to leave the nether. If you did classic bartering you likely don't have 10 obsidian so you will have to return to your entry portal to get back to the overworld. If you do have 10 obsidian then you can build a nether portal in the nether which can potentially land you much closer to the stronghold. There are mechanics with how the strongholds generate that determine where you should build your nether portal for optimal distance to the stronghold. Note one block in ther nether corresponds to 8 blocks in the overworld so travelling through the nether is much more efficient.

Once in the overworld you want to craft eyes of ender and follow the direction they go to find the stronghold location. Sleeping in a bed will often save time and be safer as you won't be harassed by hostile mobs. You should try to not throw too many eyes since each eye throw has a 20% chance of breaking. Efficiently finding the stronghold is called triangulation since you want to go away from the direction the eye was thrown a little and throw another eye and the stronghold will be where the two eye throws intersect. This technique takes some practice and only really works when close to the stronghold location. Also note the eyes will go towards 8 ~ 8 within the starting point of the stronghold's chunk. This means you can use the chunk coordinates to triangulate against as well.

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