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Without microchips you would not be reading this page... Microtechnology and microfabrication is a fundamental prerequisite for modern life.

This wikibook can hopefully become an opensource handbook in microfabrication. With the possibility to spawn subchapters, it should be possible to make detailed discussions of the various fabrication techniques and the processing details.

The devil is in the detail, and most people doing processing seem to have the same few lists that have been made on etch rates etc. Here, in the wiki system, users should be able to contribute and expand the readily available knowledge.

Hope you will contribute!! Things can always be changed, so its better to add things and comments to the book than just reading it!! Don't be afraid to participate :-)

Micro technology involves changing things in the scale of one micro metre, thats 0.000001 m or (10-6 m)

A Perspective on Microtechnology

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Applications of Microtechnology

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See also notes on editing this book about how to add references Microtechnology/About#How to Contribute.