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The Audio cutter is a simple tool for cutting audio streams based on MeGUI cutlists. Unlike the use of cutlists for audio in the main window, the Audio cutter edits the audio files without re-encoding; thus, this is a lossless process. It uses the tool, BeSplit.


  • In the input file you select the audio file to be cut.
  • In the cut file you select the MeGUI cutlist file specifying which sections to include (this can be created with the AVS Cutter)
  • In the output file you select where the cut file should be saved.
  • If it is all set up correctly, pressing create job will generate two jobs:
    • A splitting job, in which the file is cut up into multiple smaller ones
    • A join job, which joins the relevant smaller files together.
  • After these two jobs complete, the intermediate files (the smaller ones) will be deleted if Delete intermediate files in the settings is checked.


Unfortunately, inaccuracies arise because cutting is only accurate to the audio frame, which is a number of milliseconds. Further, these inaccuracies can accumulate as you do more cuts. In some cases, this can result in a noticeable delay between audio and video. You may be better advised using the sample-accurate cutting in the main form (which requires a re-encode) or encoding the entire video and then cutting with a muxer (not yet supported in MeGUI).

Nevertheless, the cutter may be useful in certain circumstances, and interfaces well with cutlists.


The Audio cutter works through BeSplit, requiring version 0.9b6.