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Description[edit | edit source]

This is a guide for installing MeGUI.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

  • The MeGUI zip file, which you can download at Sourceforge.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
    • This allows programs written in .NET languages, such as C#, to run on your machine. It's available as a small download from Microsoft, here.
  • Avisynth
    • This is a powerful framework that enables script-based frame serving, editing, and manipulation of video files.
    • MeGUI currently ships with AviSynth+ MT, which continues to be developed, primarily by pinterf.
    • Alternatively:
      • the latest stable version of mainline AviSynth can be downloaded from Sourceforge;
      • the latest multi-threaded version of AviSynth can be found here;
      • single-threaded AviSynth+, here;
      • pinterf's multi-threaded version of AviSynth+, in case you want to stay current ahead of MeGUI's update server/install system-wide, here;
      • with the AVS+ forum thread being here.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • Install the Microsoft .NET framework and, optionally, AviSynth.
  • Extract the MeGUI zip file.
    • To avoid User Account Control and elevation issues, don't unzip to C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\. Instead, consider putting the MeGUI folder in C:\, C:\*nameofdirectoryhere*\, your C:\Users\*username*\ folder, or basically anywhere else that doesn't require administrator privileges.
    • For convenience, you can then make a shortcut by right-clicking MeGUI.exe, hovering over 'Send To', and clicking 'Desktop (create shortcut)' in the sub-menu that pops up.
  • Launch MeGUI.
  • Go to Options -> Update to make sure you have all the latest versions of packages.

AAC[edit | edit source]

The optional freeware Nero AAC encoder was originally the only AAC encoder supported by MeGUI. Development on it has long since ceased, and it is no longer available through Nero's website. Apple's AAC encoder, bundled as part of iTunes, is generally considered superior, and an easy-to-use frontend for it called QAAC can now be used with MeGUI. To enable QAAC:

  • Install iTunes, or extract the AppleApplicationSupport.msi file from the iTunes installation exe and install that.
  • Launch MeGUI.exe, go to Options -> Settings -> External Program Configuration, and check Enable QAAC under the Misc section.
  • QAAC will be downloaded by the MeGUI the first time you try to use it.

If you would really like to use Nero's old AAC instead:

  • Download it from VideoHelp into the MeGUI folder you just created.
  • Extract the neroAacEnc.exe in the win32 folder of the zip file and copy it to tools\eac3to folder in the MeGUI directory.
  • Launch MeGUI.exe, go to Options -> Settings -> External Program Configuration, and check Enable NeroAacEnc. For the Location, select the neroAacEnc.exe you just copied to the "tools\eac3to" directory.