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Basic information[edit]

This is a guide for installing MeGUI.


  • The MeGUI zip file which you can download at its Sourceforge project page.
  • Microsoft .NET framework 2.0: This is a free Microsoft update around 20mb in size available from Windows Update or the Microsoft website.
  • Avisynth: This is a separate program that is used to do editing of video through the writing of scripts. Download the latest stable version from its Sourceforge project page.


  • Install Microsoft .NET framework and Avisynth if you have not.
  • Extract all the files in the zip file to a seperate folder and launch MeGUI.exe.
  • Go to Options -> Update and make sure you have all the latest versions of packages.

Nero AAC Encoder[edit]

The optional freeware Nero AAC encoder is the only AAC encoder MeGUI supports. If you planned to use AAC encoding, you have install this:

  • Go to Nero website. After reading through the End-User License Agreement, download the file into the MeGUI folder you just created.
  • Extract the neroAacEnc.exe in the win32 folder of the zip file and copy it to tools\eac3to folder in the MeGUI directory.
  • Launch MeGUI.exe, go to Options -> Settings -> External Program Configuration, and check Enable NeroAacEnc. For the Location, select the neroAacEnc.exe you just copied to the "tools\eac3to" directory.