Mathematical Proof

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Sometimes people read mathematical proofs and think they are reading a foreign language. This book describes the language used in a mathematical proof and also the different types of proofs used in math. This book will use a lot of set theory, but most of it will be sufficiently explained or intuitive, so no rigorous knowledge of math is prerequisite.

  1. Introduction 00%.svg
    1. Logical Reasoning 50%.svg
    2. Notation 50%.svg
  2. Methods of Proof 00%.svg
    1. Constructive Proof 50%.svg
    2. Proof by Contrapositive 25%.svg
    3. Proof by Contradiction 00%.svg
    4. Proof by Induction 25%.svg
    5. Counterexamples 00%.svg
    6. Other Proof Types 00%.svg
  3. Proof and Computer Programs 00%.svg
  4. Proof Assistants 00%.svg

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