Maple/Saving results of Maple calculations

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Export data from a plot[edit | edit source]

> P := plot3d(sin(x*y),x=-2..2,y=-2..2):
> Q:= < op(indets(P,Array))>;
                         [ 25 x 25 Matrix       ]
                    Q := [ Data Type: float[8]  ]
                         [ Storage: rectangular ]
                         [ Order: C_order       ]

You can then export this data to a file and insert in a spreadsheet.

1. Export to a tab delimited file:

Right-click on the output and choose:

Export As -> Tab Deliminated

save it to a tab-delimited format file with extension .xls. Click on the file (if the extension is associated) or import as tab delimited. Your data will then be in the spreadsheet.

2. The same result by a command:

> ExportMatrix("plot.xls",Q);

3. Only in Standard GUI (Maple 11 or later), export to .xls format:

> with(ExcelTools);                         
> Export(Q, "plot.xls");