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Maple is a computer algebra system offering many possibilities for math problems. This book, based loosely on a previous work at, aims to give all tools needed to be autonomous with this software. The owner has given permission to translate it for this book.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. More in-depth look at Maple
  3. Programming with Maple
  4. Sequences, lists, sets, and tables in Maple
  5. Polynomials and rational fractions in Maple
  6. Graphic functions
  7. Using Maple in Analysis
  8. Using Maple in Linear Algebra
  9. Using Maple in Geometry
  10. Using Maple in Calculus, PDEs, and ODEs
  11. Saving results of Maple calculations
  12. Module and Package
  13. Practice 1: Graphing equations related to special relativity
  14. Depth of field for optical lens