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This article explains how to use the multi-page Mambot to create multiple pages with one single content item.

What is it?[edit | edit source]

You have probably seen the "Mambo License Guidelines" text that comes with the standard mambo installation. There, you have a page with a table of contents, and a "next page" button at the bottom - within one content item.

This is done using the page break Mambot. The process is quite simple.

How to use it[edit | edit source]

It work like all other Mambots - you insert a tag and the page breaks. To create a simple page break, do this:


This creates a new page from the content post this tag. You can use multiple tags in one content item, to create multiple pages.

By default, the pages is named "Content item title", "page 2", "page 3" and so on. You can create your own title for each pagebreak by doing this:

{mospagebreak title=The title, and no quotes}

Insert any title you like here, but be sure to not use quotes (") anywhere in the tag.