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Anyone may contribute to this book. And you are encouraged to do so. Below are guidelines we should all try to follow, and resources useful for beginners to Wiki editing.

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

Please try to follow these general guidelines:

  1. If adding to the FAQ, and it's a short answer, add it inline. Otherwise, create a separate sub-page.
  2. If a FAQ answer is complex, consider whether some of it could be a "How-To" and reused for other purposes.
  3. When creating sub-pages, please name them using the full path. This will ensure that the sub-page will be contained within this book's namespace, and you won't create a new "book."
    • You can see how this should be done by editing an existing page which refers to a sub-page.
    • To create a sub-page, just edit the parent page, create the link to the sub-page, save the parent page. Then, follow the link to sub-page. You will be presented a page to create it.
  4. Please edit similar pages to get an idea what a new sub-page should contain.
  5. Notice that the main "MagicJack" page contains special wiki tags that don't appear in sub-pages.
  6. Don't be afraid to make changes. If you make a mistake, it can be undone. Be bold!
  7. If you're unsure of a change you want to make, or if it's a large change, or something that might be controversial (or upset another contributor), please use the "Discussion" feature to talk about it and gain consensus.
    • Likewise, if someone has made changes you disagree with, please use the "Discussion" feature for that page. Let's not have "edit wars." We know MagicJack generates heated passions among its users. There should be a way to represent everyone's point of view without a lot of drama.
  8. If you use the "Discussion" feature, please sign your comments with these characters --~~~~. (This can be inserted using one of the icons available when editing text.). However, please do not sign actual contributions to pages.
  9. If you have special interest in a page, please watch for changes and discussions by using the "Watch" feature at the top of that page.
  10. For other questions, please contact Az2008 using the discussion tab on that page, or email him here

Resources[edit | edit source]

The following are useful for those new to wiki editing:

The following are useful references for Wikibooks:

The following are more esoteric topics:

The following Wikibooks policies may be useful: