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Medical Image NetCDF
MINC is a Medical Imaging file format and Toolbox for use in medical imaging, this wikibook contains Tutorials, API Reference and Examples

History - The Who and When of MINC

Introduction - The How, What and Where of MINC

Installation - Tutorials for installing the MINC tools and associated software

Future - Discussion area for the future of MINC and a r

FAQ - MINC Frequently asked questions

Tutorials - A set of Tutorials for using the C/L tools and the MINC 2 API

Tools - MINC extra tools (registration, B0 correction, classification, etc)

VisualTools - Visual MINC tools (manual segmentation, registration, data visualisation)

Scripts - Extra scripts (typically perl) that have been collected over time

Reference - MINC1 and MINC2 API reference manuals

Resources - Example data sets, library files, color maps, etc.

Atlases - The various atlases that are available from the BIC in the MINC format

Benchmarks - a set of (synthetic) benchmarks to find out just how fast your bit of new silicon is

Authors - The Authors of MINC and how to reference the tools

EZMINC - Minc for the rest of us (an attempt to make MINC1/2 more user friendly)