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Type of tool[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of tools that would be found in a commercial set. Depending on the size of the set it may contain sizes and/or designs to better fit different locks. Most all of them are made of thin steel or other hard metals.

Tool sets[edit | edit source]

The tools for lock picking are usually different for each type of lock and can sometimes be improvised from common items.

Lock pick kits can be purchased openly via the internet. Many different selections are present. 9-piece sets and a 32-piece set equipped with a Pick Gun for example differ in value and price greatly. However, many lock pickers state that for most locking devices, a basic set of 5 picks should be enough; therefore it is unnecessary even to carry around a wide variety of professional lockpicks.

Tension wrench[edit | edit source]

The tension wrench is used to apply tension to pins to keep pins from being pushed back down by springs after they are correctly set. Usually anywhere from 1/8th inch to 1/16th inch wide, bent into an L with a quarter twist on the long side to allow tension to be put on it (in the direction the lock is desired to be turned).

Hook pick[edit | edit source]

The hook pick is similar to the half diamond pick, but has a hook shaped tip rather than a half diamond shape.