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Linux Guide

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Getting started

Installing Linux

Using Linux

Managing Linux

Programming on Linux

Applications of Linux


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Ideas for fun stuff

Specific tips/fun stuff

  • Virtual Network Computing (VNC) can be used to access your computer from anywhere if it's connected to the Internet and you know its IP address (use ifconfig). vnc-java can automatically create a webpage with a Java applet that eliminates the need for a VNC client. Try using x11-vnc
  • for remote X you can also use simply X with xhost as X is a network protocol, or you can do X forwarding with ssh.
  • WINE will often run your old Windows programs very well. It's hit and miss, but often more complex, graphics-heavy applications will work better than specifically integrated Windows apps.
  • There are a number of unique, nicely-made open source games that run under Linux:
  • Yakuake, a drop-down console, a la Quake's in-game console.