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The primary author, Attila Kun(ottwiz), thought that there should be an easy to use Linux tutorial for those who learn it in a formal or informal educational setting, but have no idea what to do with Linux. Attila Kun(ottwiz) studied Linux Basics as a subject in the school year 2018/2019 in high school, so his previous versions has a date like "2019.03.16."[1]

This wikibook is translated from the Hungarian version of Linux alapok and covers the basics of Linux systems. Of course there will be things that work differently in other distributions such as files, but it mostly reflects what is seen in common distributions of Linux.

The number of sources indicates that we should not start from one source, but we should dive deep in to see things clearly. We should seek after on the Internet that how the article reflects reality (we can test it under live/virtual system, and if we can, we should search that if it's right).

Any contributions to this book are more than welcome!


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I'd like to give big thanks to thottee from the Hungarian PenguinPit Discord community who helped a lot creating the original document(it was originally created in LibreOffice but I didn't want to suffer with making of it if I need to edit it sometimes), Balázs Úr who supervised this document and corrected the errors, and Balázs Meskó who corrected the grammar mistakes.


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