Linux Basics/Installation, bootloader

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CLI installer of Anarchy(Arch) Linux
Manjaro Linux installer in hungarian language
  • Traditional installation
  • Installation can be graphical or command-line

Installation can be from CD, DVD, USB or from network.

Linux distros can be installed on virtual machines too (VMware, Virtualbox)

Bootloaders (system loaders): previously LILO, today GRUB, you can give boot parameters that which system should boot up, even memory test can be run too and hardware test, which checks if the hardwares have any errors.

Bootloader can be installed on HDD in case of MBR, e.g. /dev/sda (first HDD), in case of GPT you can give which partition would be the "BIOS boot" one (e.g. /dev/sda3 - first hard disk's third partition), so the bootloader will be installed to the location which we picked.

GRUB can boot any system, but the installation of Windows will delete Linux and GRUB (also, if Windows 10 does a complete update on the system, it will overwrite the bootloader).