Lingwa de planeta/Verb particles - keys

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  • Please, don't run: I can't understand what you say to me. - Plis, bye lopi: me bu mog samaji kwo yu shwo a me.
  • Give me my flower, please. It's there. - Dai ba a me may flor, plis. It es dar.
  • Read, please, this book for me. I want to hear how you read. - Lekti ba, plis, sey kitaba fo me. Me yao audi komo yu lekti.
  • If only they understood me! - Magari ta samaji me!
  • If only they didn't believe them! - Nomagari ta kredi li!
  • Wait for me here, please. - Weiti ba me hir, plis.
  • Let them speak to him about me. - Hay ta shwo a lu om me.


  • If you don't believe me, I won't come. - Si yu bu kredi me, me bu ve lai.
  • If you want to play, not work, don't come. - Si yu yao plei, bu gun, bye lai.
  • Would you be able to sleep if we sang and danced here? - Ob yu wud mog somni, si nu wud gani e dansi hir?
  • I would answer you, but I don't understand what you're asking about. - Me wud jawabi a yu, bat me bu samaji om kwo yu kwesti.


  • I have come, I'm eating and about to go sleep. - Me he lai, zai chi e sal go somni.
  • They just finished dancing. - Ta yus he fini dansi.
  • They're about to begin playing. - Ta sal begin plei.
  • I would've spoken to you, but you didn't come. - Me wud he shwo a yu, bat yu bu he lai.


  • They said they've just arrived and therefore (because of that) they can't read the letter (leta) right now. - Ta shwo ke ta yus he lai e por se ta bu mog lekti leta tuy.
  • He didn't understand that she had never seen him and won't come unless (without that) I talk with her. - Lu bu samaji-te ke ela bu gwo vidi lu e bu ve lai sin ke me ve shwo kun ela.
  • I had to work today, because of this I just came home, I'm eating and talked with the kids about me not knowing why in America (Amerika) there are no crocodiles (krokodil). - Me majbur gun sedey, por se me yus he lai a dom, zai chi e shwo kun kinda om ke me bu jan way in Amerika krokodil yok.
  • I won't open the door (dwar) of my house, whoever comes and whatever they say. - Me bu ve ofni dwar de may dom, hu unkwe lai e kwo unkwe (ta) shwo.
  • I won't come because she doesn't want to open the door for me. - Me bu ve lai por ke ela bu yao ofni dwar fo me.


  • begin to want - en-yao
  • get up - en-stan
  • recall - ek-remembi
  • stir - ek-muvi
  • fall asleep - en-somni


  • make drink - mah-pi
  • seat - mah-sidi
  • be seen - fa-vidi


  • I'm waiting for her. Why hasn't she come yet? - Me zai weiti ela. Way ela haishi bu he lai?
  • Maybe she doesn't remember that we are supposed to meet today? - Mogbi ela bu remembi om ke nu mus miti sedey?
  • Perhaps she doesn't know that I'm waiting for her. - Shayad ela bu jan ke me zai weiti ela.
  • I could call her. But I will wait. - Me wud mog telefoni ela. Bat me ve weiti.
  • Let her call me! - Hay ela telefoni me!
  • If only she came! - Magari ela lai!
  • We would go to a cafe (kafee), eat ice cream (aiskrem) and drink tea (chay). - Nu wud go a kafee, wud chi aiskrem e pi chay.
  • Or maybe not tea, but wine (vino)? - O mogbi bu chay, bat vino?
  • I have come to her house. - Me gwo lai a elay dom.
  • She opened the door for me (for me), and I could look at her, talk to her... - Ela gwo ofni dwar fo me, e me gwo mog kan ela, shwo kun ela...
  • Then I drew her, read to her (for her), danced with her, sang about her... - Poy me gwo rasmi ela, lekti fo ela, dansi kun ela, gani om ela...
  • I used to write letters (leta) with poems (versa) for her. She liked my poetry. - Me gwo skribi leta kun versa fo ela. Ela gwo pri may versa.
  • If only she hadn't forgotten about me! - Nomagari ela fogeti om me!
  • If only she would understand that I am waiting for her, that I want to see her, that I love her! - Magari ela samaji ke me zai weiti ela, ke me yao vidi ela, ke me lubi ela!

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