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Old Pages

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This remaining material on this page was the start of a much less complete linear algebra book. Much of the material here may be useful and could potentially be merged into the main book.

Linear algebra is a branch of algebra in mathematics concerned with the study of vectors, vector spaces, linear transformations, and systems of linear equations. Vector spaces are very important in modern mathematics. Linear algebra is widely used in abstract algebra and functional analysis. It has extensive applications in natural and social sciences, for both linear systems and linear models of nonlinear systems.

It is part of the study of Abstract Algebra.

General Information and MoS

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This book is meant for students who wish to study linear algebra from scratch. The approach will not be entirely informal. Every result in the book is intended to be either proved or justified by some mathematical procedure. Links to tedious proofs can be made to Famous Theorems of Mathematics/Algebra after the proof is written there.


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Learning to think is extremely important in mathematics. Therefore in this book exercises form an important component and by no means should be ignored. Many important concepts of linear algebra are developed via the exercises in the book. It is necessary that before proceeding to the next chapter, the student does the exercises. Links to hints and solutions to many of the exercises are provided but they should be only used in cases of difficulty.

Potential use in "Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers"