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Additions to the Speech Act morphemes

Extending the Speech Act morphemes

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Recall the standard Speech Act morphemes:

Speech Act Morpheme Description
Bíi Indicates a declarative sentence (usually optional)
Báa Indicates a question
Indicates a command; very rare, except to small children
Bóo Indicates a request; this is the usual imperative/”command” form
Indicates a promise
Bée Indicates a warning

You can attach a suffix to each of these in order to further specify the speaker/writer's intentions:

Láadan Description
-(None) Said neutrally
-d Said in anger
-th Said in pain
-li Said in love
-lan Said in celebration
-da Said in jest
-ya Said in fear
-de Said in narrative
-di Said in teaching


[edit | edit source]
Láadan English Vocab words
Bíidi yod ra ne udeth wa. I tell you in teaching, don't eat stones. yod = to eat, ud = stone


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