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State of Consciousness Morphemes

State of Consciousness Morphemes[edit | edit source]

There is a term "hahod" which can be added on to in order to specify the state of consciousness. On its own, it essentially means neutral.

Láadan Description
-iyon ecstasy
-ib deliberately shut off to all feeling
-ihed in a sort of shock, numb
-itha linked empathically with others
-o in meditation
-óo in hypnotic trance
-imi in bewilderment/astonishment, positive
-imilh in bewilderment/astonishment, negative

(Suzette Haden Elgin (1988), A First Dictionary and Grammar of Láadan, Second Edition, p. 14)

Examples[edit | edit source]

Láadan English
Bíi hahodihed le wa. I am in shock.

Notes[edit | edit source]