Korean/Lesson II8

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Learn Korean (Introduction)Reading and writing
Conversation1단계: Beginner
2급: High beginner1. Sports2. Jobs3. Downtown4. Public transportation5. At the hotel6. At the library7. At the farm8. Medical care9. The Weather10. At the movies
3단계: Low intermediate4단계: High intermediate5단계: Low advanced6단계: Advanced


[edit | edit source]
  • hospital 병원
  • emergency 응급, 긴급
  • ambulance 구급차
  • doctor 의사
  • nurse 간호사
  • fever 열
  • headache 두통
  • stomachache 복통
  • cough 기침
  • throat 목, 목구멍
  • pain 고통, 아픔
  • medicine 약
  • prescription 처방전
  • flu 독감
  • catch a cold 감기에 걸리다
  • illness,disease 병
  • surgery 수술


[edit | edit source]

D: 어디가 아프세요? Where does it hurt? P: 두통이 있어요. I have a headache.

   열도 나고, 기침도 나요. I have a fever and a cough.

D: 감기에 걸리신 것 같아요. You seem to have caught a cold.

   처방전을 들고 약국에 가세요. Visit pharmacy with this prescriptrion.

P: 감사합니다. Thank you.