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Learn Korean (Introduction)Reading and writing
Conversation1단계: Beginner
2급: High beginner1. Sports2. Jobs3. Downtown4. Public transportation5. At the hotel6. At the library7. At the farm8. Medical care9. The Weather10. At the movies
3단계: Low intermediate4단계: High intermediate5단계: Low advanced6단계: Advanced


  • 경찰관 police officer
  • 소방관 fire fighter
  • 교사/선생 teacher
  • 학생 student
  • 미술가 artist
  • 의사 doctor
  • 간호사 nurse
  • 이발사 barber
  • 회사원 office worker
  • 운동 선수 athlete
  • 과학자 scientist
  • 가수 singer
  • 군인 soldier
  • 조종사 pilot
  • 기사 engineer
  • 기술자 mechanic
  • 음악가 musician