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As we save in Creating a form, when we create a new form, the first question, which is called QuestionA01 is already created for us.

We will begin by editing Question text, which is the text that the enumerator will read to the interviewee. Do to so, in the left pane, click QuestionA01. The content of QuestionA01 is now displayed in the right pane. The selected text should say QuestionA01, since our survey is about pets, we will change the text to:

   What type of pet do you have?

The result should look like the image below.

What type of pet do you have?

KoBoForm supports different question types, the question that was automatically created for us when we created the form is of the type single select. A single select question is a multiple choice question, in which only one option can be chosen. This is made clear to the user by a round selection indicator (also known as the radio button, after pre-programmed frequency buttons on old radios) before the different options which are available. The single-select question is useful if we are asking the interviewee a question to which the answers are mutually exclusive. An example of such a question could be:

   Is it currently raining where you are?

The answers to these questions could be:

   1. yes, it is currently raining where I am
   2. no, it is currently not raining where I am

The point of a mutually exclusive question, is that both answers cannot be correct at the same time, in this case, it cannot both be raining, as well as, not be raining, at the same time, in one location.

In addition to mutually exclusive, this question was also collectively exhausting, which is to say that if option 1 is not true, than option 2 has to be true. However, this is not a necessary property for single-select questions, since we can add an option other, as will be discussed below.

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