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KoBo surveys are created using the standard Xform format, which is build on XML. In order to create these forms, we use KoBoForm (http://kobotoolbox.org/koboform).

New Form[edit | edit source]

After the KoBoForm editor has loaded a menu bar is displayed. The Menu button on the left opens the file menu, using the option New form, a form can be created.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The two panels is the bottom part of the screen are now populated, as seen in the Empty form image. On the left side the structure of the form is outlined. The new form is already populated with a few elements:

  • New form 1: title of the form
  • deviceid: automatic registration of Android device id number
  • start: survey start date and time
  • end: survey end date and time
  • QuestionA01: first question, type single select
  • OptionA01_1: first option to the first question

From the structure we can see that all elements are contained within the New form 1 element, and that OptionA01_1 is also contained within QuestionA01.

The right hand panel shows the contents of the element which is selected in the left panel. When the form is created the New form 1 element is active, and so this is displayed.

Since our survey will be on pets, we can change the title to Pet Survey as shown in the picture.

The form title in the structure is automatically updated to reflect the new title.

User Accounts[edit | edit source]

Note that KoBoForm has the option to create a user account in order to save forms in between browser sessions. These accounts are stored offline, in the browser, which means that they will not synchronize across computers or browsers.

Creating a Question