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This is a list of magical items appearing in the Nintendo game Kirby.

Star Rod

The Star Rod is a wand-like item[1] and the ultimate weapon that first appeared in Kirby's Adventure and also appeared in its later remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. It is used only in final boss battles and allows Kirby to cast star-shaped projectiles at his foes.[1] Nightmare once attempted to use it to gain access to Dream Land, but King Dedede thwarted his plans, removed the Star Rod, and broke it into seven pieces to ensure no one could release him.[2] Though it is the most well-known "ultimate weapon" of the Kirby games, the Star Rod is in fact only used twice in the series--against the Cloaked Nightmare in Kirby's Adventure and in the Game Boy Advance remake of that game, Nightmare in Dream Land. In Kirby Super Star, there appears to be multiple Star Rods existing at the different Fountain of Dreams facilities in Milky Way Wishes. The Star Rod also appears in Paper Mario as a granter of wishes,[3] and in the Super Smash Bros. series as a randomly appearing weapon with the same abilities as in the Kirby games.[1]

Rainbow Sword

Following the lead of many other magical items in the Kirby universe, the Rainbow Sword is another "ultimate weapon" Kirby must use against the final boss of the game. It only appeared in Kirby's Dream Land 2 and was used to fight Dark Matter. It was composed of the seven Rainbow Drops, which had to be gathered from each of the seven levels of the game. This weapon was one of the few that was not assembled as the player beat bosses. As Kirby's Dream Land 2 was released on the black-and-white Game Boy, the sword had to assert the "Rainbow" nomenclature by drawing a huge "rainbow" (merely shades of gray) over Dream Land at the end of the game. However, the game was supported by the Super Game Boy, which was capable of giving the sword the ability to draw a colored rainbow.

Heart Rod/Lovelove Stick

Like the Star Rod, the Heart Rod also functioned as a power to defeat the final boss of Kirby's Dream Land 3. Its only appearance was in Kirby's Dream Land 3, and was composed of thirty Heart Stars that Kirby had to collect from every stage in every level by completing certain tasks for a friend at the end of each of those stages. Kirby could fire Heart Stars at the boss when the Heart Rod was completed and was used to fight Dark Matter and Zero.

Crystal Gun/Crystal Rod

Like the Star Rod, the Crystal Gun functioned as a power to defeat the final boss in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It only made an appearance in Kirby 64 and was assembled by the parts of the crystal of Ripple Star that the player had to collect. This device rapidly shot crystals at the final boss, 02.


In Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Kirby uses a cellphone so that he can call his friends to ask for assistance. Although not itself a weapon, the cell phone can be useful when fighting difficult bosses. If the player is not using the multiplayer option, all of Kirby's friends are computer controlled. The cellphone can only be used three times and then it is rendered useless until he dies or a battery is found. This can be used for various puzzles like large stone blocks or fighting bosses. When the player has the UFO ability and makes a call, a satellite dish protrudes from the side of the UFO instead. It still uses battery power, though. It first appeared in Kirby 64, though larger and much different and only used in an amusing cutscene in which he calls forth his star (which crash lands into Kirby) to fly to the true final boss area, the omnimous Dark Star.


Galaxia is exclusive to the anime series. Its history was revealed in the episode Sacred Sword! Galaxia (Crusade for the Blade in the dub.) Galaxia was created many thousands of years ago by the race of light, Photoron. It was then stolen by Nightmare's monster Kirisakin and hidden away. A few years before the series begins, Meta Knight and the mother of Sirica, Garlude, went to retrieve it. Meta Knight claimed it, but Garlude lost her life in the battle. Meta Knight and Kirby are one of the few people who are able to wield Galaxia- anyone else who touches receives a terrible shock. It is also said that because Meta Knight has it, Nightmare cannot continue in his conquest of the universe, but it is never explained why.

In Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, Meta Knight gives his sword to Kirby when he fights the final boss, Dark Mind. In this game, it is known as Meta Knight's Sword, localized to Master due to space limitations. It is located in front of the golden mirror after Dark Mind is defeated. The sword is used like a regular sword, but can unleash a shockwave or rampage through enemies. It can also be used for every puzzle in the game, like switches or bomb blocks that Kirby cannot reach. It can mimic the hammer, sword, and burning powers. The major things it cannot do, however, is allow Kirby to fit through passages that require the Mini ability, or sometimes where a switch that only UFO can reach, and one puzzle requires absolute speed (Wheel ability).

Magical Paintbrush

In Kirby Canvas Curse, The magical Paintbrush wasn't acually used by Kirby himself, but it was still a weapon. It could tap enemies and stun them for a few moments, which then Kirby could roll into and defeat. It could also block Drawcia's attacks. It could even stun Drawcia herself! It also put Kirby back in Dreamland before he was trapped in the World of Drawcia forever. Like the Rainbow Sword, it could create a grand rainbow.

Triple Star

The Triple Star is a magical item found in the game Kirby: Squeak Squad. It is Dorroche's weapon, used to send three stars. As an ability, three stars surround Kirby, damaging anything that touches it. Kirby is able to fire one of those three stars at his opponent, and it can be used to destroy metal blocks, light fuses, ect. It is used in the battle with Dark Zero at the very end of that game after Kirby beats Dark Dorocche.


Common Items

[edit | edit source]
  • Batteries: In Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, batteries can give his cellphone another use, for it can only be used three times.
  • Food: In a few games there is food that restores very little of Kirby's health. They are usually easily found and give Kirby the ability to regain lost power. Sometimes certain types of food will give Kirby more health.
  • Maxim Tomatoes: These are often regarded as Kirby's favorite food. They have the ability to completely heal Kirby, although they are rare compared to normal food items. They are characterized by a big letter "M" stamped on them. In the Kirby's Dream Land manual, this item is called a Bag of Magic Food. This is an obvious error, but the reason for this naming is unclear.
  • Pep Drinks: These can restore some of Kirby's health. The name of this item almost always changes. In other games they are considered Pep Brews, Peppy Tonic, and Energy Drinks. Usually they will restore 2 units of Kirby's health.
  • Star Chariot: Seen only once in Kirby Super Star, this allows Kirby to fly through the air and shoot stars at his enemies with the Shooting ability. Kirby must pilot the Starship in the required level, and he has no option to leave the starship at any time. He cannot use any other ability concurrently, and his helper can also take on a Starship.
  • Mint Leaf: When Kirby eats this, he is granted the power to puff up and fly about without deflating when he exhales air. This was essential for the boss fight against Kaboola in Kirby's Dream Land. In the Kirby's Dream Land manual, this item was erroneously labelled as a Mint Leaf. The reasons for this are unknown. Interestingly, the Mint Leaf was referenced by the Sweet Potato that Kirby ate which temporairly caused Kirby to develop nonstop hiccups, rendering him helpless against the Squishy monster until he got scared by Tiff telling him that if his hiccups didn't stop he would never eat again, in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode "Dedede's Raw Deal".
  • Curry Rice: When eaten, Kirby can breathe fire at enemies. The effect lasts for a short time or until Kirby dives into water. This item appears in both Kirby's Dream Land (back when Kirby didn't have the ability to copy enemies) and Kirby's Pinball Land, and it was referenced in an episode of the Kirby anime (as Atomic Curry). Also a plate of curry is one of the food items in Kirby's Air Ride. This item is more commonly known as Spicy Food in the US. While vague, it generally means the same thing, unlike the Magic Food and Mint Leaf misconceptions.
  • Candy: In some platformer Kirby games, if Kirby eats this, he will temporarily gain invulnerability so that even if enemies are touched or touch him, they die. It usually looks like a lollypop with a swirl and a star on it.
  • Treasure Box: In some games, these treasure boxes contain healing items such as a 1up, Maxim Tomato, etc. It can also contain Spray Paints, Vitality, and a Sound Player (with the required notes).

Spray Paints

[edit | edit source]
  • Default: This is a normal pink kirby or green, red, or yellow depending if you have linked up with another player.
  • Pink: This color primarily is for other multiplayers who wish to be traditional pink.
  • Green: The green kirby.
  • Red: The red kirby.
  • Yellow: The yellow kirby.
  • Snow: White with red-orange feet.
  • Ocean: Light blue with blue feet.
  • Sapphire: Dark blue with even darker blue feet.
  • Emerald: A lighter green with orange feet.
  • Carbon: Black with orange feet.
  • Chalk: Kirby turns a chalky gray.
  • Orange: Kirby turns completely orange.
  • Chocolate: Brownish-black.
  • Grape: Dark purple.
  • Cherry: Same pink, but with green feet.
  • Shadow: Makes Kirby look like Shadow Kirby. Basically a darker version of Chalk.
  • Ivory: Turns Kirby a light beige with brown feet.
  • Citrus: Kirby turns yellow-green with green feet.
  • White: Turns Kirby's body and feet white.
  • Lavender: Turns Kirby light purple with darker purple feet.


[edit | edit source]
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