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There is a factory recovery option available for the Jeep Liberty that includes three Mopar tow hooks; two front and one rear. A cheaper and more versatile option is a front or rear hitch receiver accompanied by a hitch clevis or winch. Yet another option is to replace the front tow hooks with a bumper or bullbar with integrated recovery provisions. All of these alternatives require removal of an existing hooks.

Mopar Hooks[edit | edit source]

OEM Front Tow Hook MY2005
OEM Rear Tow Hook MY2005

Each front tow hook sandwiches the unibody bumper between the hook base and an m-bolt/clip-nut combination. The clip-nut on both the front and rear hooks is a common automotive fastener which may be available at well stocked hardware stores. The m-bolt used with the front tow hooks is not a common fastener and will need to be purchased from a dealer.

Electric Winches[edit | edit source]

The ARB bullbar for the Liberty KJ is designed accommodate the Warn M8000 winch.

Liberty (KJ) recovering itself with a Warn M8000 winch