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Jeep Libertys with automatic transmissions are rated for Class III (5,000 lb) tow hitches, while those with manual transmissions are rated for Class II (3,500 lb) tow hitches. The clutch design of the manuals results in a lower tow rating than that of the automatics. With a skilled driver and Class III hitch, manuals may be able to safely tow more than Class II. Similarly, with Draw-Tite's Class IV hitch for the Liberty, automatics may be able to safely tow more than Class III.

There a three different brands of rear tow hitches available for the Jeep Liberty: Draw-Tite, Hidden-Hitch, and Reese. The receiver portion of the Draw-Tite hitch extends further past the spare tire than the other brands. It almost eliminates the need for an extender when using low profile hitches, such a bike racks, but also decreases the Liberty's departure angle. A locking hitch pin should always be used to prevent hitch and load theft.

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