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About Authors[edit | edit source]

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the ongoing development of this book. You do not need to be a Java persistence superstar to contribute, many times the best advice/information for other users comes from first time users who have not yet been conditioned to think something that may be confusing is obvious.

List of authors: (please contribute and sign your name)

James Sutherland[edit | edit source]

President of Paphus Solutions - Your experts in intelligence automation.

Paphus Solutions Inc. is a Canadian corporation that specializes in intelligence automation products and services.

I am a former architect of Oracle TopLink and committer on the open source EclipseLink product from the Eclipse Foundation.
I have over 20 years of experience in object persistence and enterprise software development.
For more information see my blog Java Persistence Performance, my Forum or follow me on Twitter, or Google+.

Doug Clarke[edit | edit source]

Oracle TopLink and Eclipse EclipseLink, over 10 years of experience in the object persistence industry.