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Remaining leisure, in all the day, I turn toward inkstone, and the changing in my mind that have no reason I write as much as I can unclearly, then I feel strange too oddly.


To do:
correct literal translation and add free translation


[edit | edit source]
Kanji Kana English Notes
wikt:徒然なり wikt:つれづれなり leisure
wikt:ままに remaining
wikt:日暮らし wikt:ひぐらし in all the day
wikt:硯 wikt:すずり inkstone
wikt:向かふ wikt:むかふ turn
wikt:心 wikt:こころ mind
wikt:移り行く wikt:うつりゆく change
wikt:由無し事 wikt:よしなしごと the having no reason
wikt:そこはかと clearly
wikt:書き尽くす wikt:かきつくす write as much as one can
wikt:怪し wikt:あやし oddly
wikt:物狂ほし wikt:ものぐるほし strange 物狂ほしけれ is realis form of 物狂ほし.