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Song[edit | edit source]

  • Title: 讃美歌380番 たてよいざたて
  • Original Lyrics: DUFFIELD GEORGE
  • Japanese Translation: 讃美歌編集委員会 (Hymnal Editorial Committee)
  • Source: 讃美歌 (Hymnal, 1954)
English ruby syntax rule for SOV-to-SVO transformation
foo bar-baz2 qux1 quux → foo qux bar baz quux
It still remains Japanese rules such as topic-prominent, dropped subjects, no (in)definite articles and no plural forms.
Japanese Literal Translation
()てよ [stand up!]、 いざ立て [now stand up!]  (しゅ) [Lord's] (つわもの) [soldier]

()ずや [Don't you see?]、 御旗 (みはた) [augustness flag's] ひるがえる [flying in the wind]

すべての [all-] (あだ) [foe3]を  (ほろ)ぼす [destroy2]まで [till1]

(きみ) [you]先立 (さきだ) [precede and]  ()かせ (たま)わん [will make me going]

Stand up! Now stand up, Soldier of Lords!

Don't you see flying Augustness Flag in the wind?
Till we destroy all foes,
you precede and will make me going.

立てよ [stand up!]、  ()かずや [Don't you listen?]  (しゅ) [Lord's]角笛 (つのぶえ) [horn]

いざ [now] (たたか)いの [battle's-] 門出 (かどで) [departure2] (いそ)がん [will hurry1]

[you5] () [party7]つく [engage-in6 that4] この [this-] () [body2]なれば [is3 now that1]

(くも)なす [cloud-of-] [foe2] [even1]  (なに) [something2] (おそ)れん [probably be afraid1]

Stand up! Don't you listen Horn of Lords?

Now we will hurry departure of the battle!
Now that this body is that you engage in my party,
even the cloud of foes probably be afraid something.

立てよ [stand up!] () [my-]主の [Lord's-]  (ちから) [power2]により [by1]

(かみ) [God's-] (よろい) [armor2]を  (かた) [tightly3]まとい [put on1 and]

御霊 (みたま) [augustness-soul's-] (つるぎ) [sword2]  ()ちかざし [hold up1 over own head with energy] [and then]

おのが [own-] () () [post2]に  (いさ) (すす) [go1 in high spirits]

Stand up! By Power of My Lords,

we put on Armor of God tightly and
hold up Sword of Augustness Soul over own head with energy and then
go own post in high spirits!

立てよ [stand up!] (いくさ) [war]は やがて [in-due-time2] ()わり [end1 and then]

永久 (とわ) [everlasting-] () (うた) [winning-song2]  (たか) (うた) [sing1 majestically and]

()きぬ [never-ending-]生命 (いのち) [life's-]  (かむり) [crown2] (うけ) [receive1 and]

(さか)えの [glorious-] [you3]と ともに [with2] (おさ)めん [will rule1]

Stand up! The war ended in due time and then

we sing winning-song of everlasting majestically and
receive Crown of Never-ending Life and
will rule with glorious you.