JLPT Guide/JLPT N4 Vocabulary/Row Wa

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JLPT N4 Vocabulary


Parts of speech (品詞)  (edit):
  • (動III) Type III verb
  • (形) adjective
  • (形動) adjectival noun
  • (副) adverb
  • (連体) attribute
  • (接) conjunction
  • (感) interjection
  • (助動) auxiliary
  • (助) particle
  • (頭) prefix
  • (尾) suffix
  • (連) compound

わ段[edit | edit source]

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
623 わかす 沸かす to boil
624 わかれる 別れる to part, to separate
625 わく 沸く to boil, to get excited at
626 わけ (名) conclusion, reason
627 わすれもの 忘れ物 (名) something forgotten
628 わらう 笑う to laugh
629 わりあい 割合 (名) rate, ratio
630 われる 割れる to break, to split