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JLPT N4 Vocabulary


Parts of speech (品詞)  (edit):
  • (動III) Type III verb
  • (形) adjective
  • (形動) adjectival noun
  • (副) adverb
  • (連体) attribute
  • (接) conjunction
  • (感) interjection
  • (助動) auxiliary
  • (助) particle
  • (頭) prefix
  • (尾) suffix
  • (連) compound


# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
616 りゆう 理由 reason, cause
617 りよう 利用 (名) use, usage
618 りょうほう 両方 both
619 りょかん 旅館 (名) traditional Japanese inn


# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
620 るす 留守 absence, being away


# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
621 れきし 歴史 (名) history
622 れんらく 連絡 contact