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Here is a list of the grammar points likely encountered on level N3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. There is no official list, so it is possible that other grammar points may be seen. JLPT N5 grammar and JLPT N4 grammar are likely to be seen on the N3 test but are not listed again here -- see their respective pages.

Grammar point Meaning
~ようになる A change which has taken place or will take place.
~ことになる To be decided, to be arranged.
~とても~ない Can't possibly
~らしい Seems like, Hearsay
~て初めて Only when ~, that ~; It is not until ~, that ~
~ないで Without doing ~
~によって Depending on ~
~のような like ~
~ば~ほど The more ~ the ~er something gets (the more you study the smarter you get)
N+ばかり Nothing but ~
AはBで有名 ~ A is famous for B
N+を始め for example; starting with
Turns nouns into adjectives. Like English '-al'
~は~くらいです (How much) ~ (adj) is ~
~さえ~ば ~if only~then...
ほど To the extent
まま In its current state
わざわざ To bother oneself to do something
~としたら If we assume ~
~たものだ This used to ~ / This was what ~
~たて newly/ freshly/ just did something
~ぐらい about/around ~
~かえって on the contrary
~には~の~がある There is ~ in ~
~っぽい Characteristic of ~
~に関する in relation to ~
まさか "Impossible!"
まい probably won't
きり just, for good
いったい(一体) "What in the world?"
ふり Pretend to ~
どうやら I think that ~
おかげで Thanks to ~
さらに(更に) Furthermore
すでに(既に) already ~
つい Without thinking
むしろ rather; better; instead
さえ even; if only; if just; as long as; the only thing needed
~になれる get used to ~ ; come to be ~
~に違いない There is no doubt that ~, I am sure that ~
なかなか Considerably
~ために In order to~
~ず Without doing ~ (shortened form of ~ないで)
~によると According to, Due to, By means of
~代わり In place of ~
ようにする Make sure to do ~
~始める To start to ~
~ても Even if~
~として As ~, In the role of ~
ように In order that ~
こそ (Emphasis)
~ないうちに Before ~ happens (before it rains, ~)
どうしても By all means, At any rate
~がち Tends to be ~
せいぜい As far as possible, At the most
~に限る nothing better than ~
~とともに~ as well as; with; along with; at the same time
~たび~ ~ whenever ~
すぎない(過ぎない) merely ~ ; no more than ~
おいて(於いて) as for ~ ; regarding ~
~げ seems like~
つもりで having the intention of~

This list of grammar terms was compiled by Jonathan Waller, [1]. Some definitions from JGram, [2].