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Philips J-ware JVM for MIDP devices runs on Philips Real time Kernel and Linux on ARM 7 and ARM 9 processors using the OMAP application processor from TI("J-ware" (PDF). J-Ware high performance, fast time to market.).

J-Ware Version 1.0

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  • MIDP Devices
    • MIDP 2.0
    • CLDC 1.0/CLDC1.1
    • WMA 1.1 JSR 120
    • MMAPI 1.1 JSR 135
    • 3D Graphics JSR 184
    • PIM/FileConnection JSR 75
    • JTWI 1.0 JSR 185

Deployed Devices

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See Also

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  • "J-ware" (PDF). J-Ware high performance, fast time to market.

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