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J2ME Programming

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Welcome to the J2ME Programming book at wikibooks. This book not only covers the MIDP device programming; but, also the full J2ME Platform.

Getting Started

Here you will find tutorials, tool listings, and etc.

API(Profile) Summaries

Generally, the APIs of a family of devices is an API(Profile) or APIs(Profiles) on top of the language definition(configuration profile). The Profiles(APIs):

JVM Features

In J2ME small devices performance of the JVM also contributes to how the language definition is implemented. For a clear picture view this article:

Consumer Platform Technologies

Often, in order to understand what optional APIs are used with specific devices we need to understand the underlying consumer platform in which our J2ME technology is in fact implemented. For example, if you know the SymbianOS version of a SymbianOS powered device than you have a clear idea what optional J2ME APis are included on that device.

As Mobile Operating Systems and CPUs merge than it becomes important to also know what CPU is in the device or even what cellular network or network infrastructure the device is connected or interfaces with in its operation. thus, this section covers operating systems, CPUs, and network infrastructure as it relates to J2ME programming and J2ME application development.


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