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Unit One: 1 2 3 4

Unit Two: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Unit Three: Lesson Index

Spelling and Pronunciation - Grammar

More Irish language resources can be found at
Wikiversity's Department of Irish Studies

This page gives and overview of the existing content in the Irish textbook and provides a place for planning what to include in new lessons.

Lesson Structure by Unit[edit | edit source]

This Irish textbook is organized into three units.

In Unit One, the focus is on pronunciation. Each lesson will discuss:

  • One or more basic language concepts.
  • The pronunciation of a few phonemes or letter combinations.
  • A few items of basic vocabulary. No new words should be introduced unless all of their sounds have been presented at least once.
  • A few simple exercises, focusing on pronunciation.

Beginning students should be able to start Lesson One with no knowledge of Irish at all.

In Unit Two, the focus is on comprehensive grammar and basic vocabulary. Each lesson will discuss:

  • One point of grammar or language structure, considered in depth.
  • The pronunciation of one sound or a comparison of two sounds.
  • A basic set of vocabulary, about 10-25 words, on a particular subject. This can be language-based (e.g., réamhfhocail) or content-based (e.g., dathanna).
  • A set of exercises focusing on grammar and language production.

Students with some familiarity with Irish and its sounds should be able to start with Unit Two.

In Unit Three, the focus is on specialized vocabulary. Each lesson will discuss:

  • A single subject matter, such as cookery, traditional music, GAA, or accountancy, discussed in depth
  • A significant amount of specialized vocabulary, plus a discussion of any idioms or constructions of particular interest
  • Ideally, at least one longer reading involving the subject matter.
  • A set of exercises designed to test only the subject matter and vocabulary of the lesson.
  • Unlike Units One and Two, the units in Unit Three should be stand-alone and designed to be studied in any order

Students confident in their level of Irish should be able to use these lessons to learn more about a particular subject.

Resources and Reference[edit | edit source]

In an effort to avoid duplication of effort, content should be split between Wikibooks and Wikiversity as follows:

Wikibooks:Irish should be used for:

  • Structured lesson content (units 1, 2, and 3)
  • Reference pages summarizing some aspect of grammar, spelling, or pronunciation, such as you might find in a printed Irish grammar

Wikiversity:Irish portal should be used for:

  • General references
  • Non-lesson resources such as vocabulary lists
  • Standalone language learning projects

Core Concepts By Unit and Lesson[edit | edit source]

The charts below track where each concept is introduced in Unit One and reviewed in Unit Two.

Pronunciation: Consonants[edit | edit source]

Consonant Sound Unit 1 Unit 2
b Lesson 3
bh Lesson 1
c Lesson 2
ch Lesson 4
d Lesson 4
f Lesson 4
g Lesson 3
gh Lesson 1
l Lesson 1
m Lesson 3
mb Lesson 3
mh Lesson 1
n Lesson 1
nn Lesson 1
p Lesson 4
r Lesson 1
rh not included
s Lesson 2
sc Lesson 2
st Lesson 2
t Lesson 2
v not included
z not included
zs not included

Pronunciation: Vowels and Dipthongs[edit | edit source]

To be prepared

Language Concepts[edit | edit source]

Concept Unit 1 Unit 2
S-V-O Sentence Order Lesson 1
Caol agus leathan Lesson 2
Séimhiú and Úru / Initial Mutations (Lesson 3)
Articles Lesson 2
The Copula and the Verb to Be (Tá and Is) (Lesson 3)
Numbering Systems
Nouns - Plural Lesson 2
Verbs - Present Tense Declensions
Emphasis in the Dialects

Resources[edit | edit source]

The following resources are available to help prepare new lessons:

Vocabulary Module[edit | edit source]

fáilte welcome pronunciation
Gaeilge the Irish language pronunciation
to be pronunciation

As new vocabulary is introduced, it can be listed in a floating box along the right-hand edge of the page using the VocabularyTable module. Any number of words can be included in such a list, in pairs.

The usage will eventually be documented fully at Module:Irish/VocabularyTable, but for now, the basic syntax is:

{{#invoke:Irish/VocabularyTable |FloatingTable
|Gaeilge|the Irish language
|bí|to be

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

The book's Table of Contents is located at Template:Irish/TOC. It should be included on every page in the book.