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Usage[edit source]

To use, first copy and paste the module header and footer:

{{#invoke:Irish/VocabularyTable |FloatingTable


In between, add the vocabulary words one at a time: first the term, then the translation, separated by pipes. For example:

{{#invoke:Irish/VocabularyTable |FloatingTable
|Gaeilge|the Irish language
|Gaeltacht|Irish-speaking region

You can include an arbitrary number of terms in each list.

In the current version, every list item includes a pronunciation link to an Irish language pronunciation database. In future this should be made more flexible, so it can be eliminated entirely or for individual terms.

See also[edit source]

local p = {};

p.FloatingTable = function(frame)
	local returnString = "{| \n|- \n|foo \n|bar  \n|}"
	local returnTable = p.FloatingTableHeader()
	local term = ""
	local i = 0;
	for index, value in pairs(frame.args) do
		if(i == 0) then
			term = value
			i = 1
			returnTable = returnTable .. p.FloatingTableRow(term, value)
			i = 0
	returnTable = returnTable .. p.FloatingTableFooter()
	return returnTable

p.FloatingTableHeader = function(frame)
	return "{| class=\"wikitable floatright\"\n |-\n!colspan=3 style=\"background:lightgreen\" |Vocabulary\n" 

p.FloatingTableFooter = function(frame)
	return "|}"

p.FloatingTableRow = function(term1, term2)
	local returnValue = "|- \n|" .. term1 .. "\n|" .. term2 .. "\n"
	local returnValue = returnValue .. "| [" .. term1 .. " pronunciation]\n"
	return returnValue	

return p