Introductory Agrometeorology/Agroclimatic Regionalization

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Objectives of the chapter
  • To understand about agrometeorological regionalization


It is defined as total of climatic condition rendering the possible economic cultivation of plant species, expressed either in the numerical value or qualitative terms based on their effects upon plant and soil.

Agroclimatic regionalization[edit]

It is a scientific method or process of delineating the climatically homogenous area and evaluating the suitability of crops on those areas after full detail analysis of the climatic requirement of these crops.

Crop Zonation[edit]

It is the process of distinguishing the area into different zones and classify them according to the suitability of different crops after the detail analysis of the climatic condition of that area and matching it with the climatic requirement of different crops.

Micro-climate Modification · Human Influence on Climate