International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog/Mauritania

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  • A former French colony, Mauritania gained independence in 1960. For issues before 1960, see FRANCE Types AA3 and AB1 (with “FORT DE FRANCE” in town mark) and FRENCH WEST AFRICA.

1. Satas “D” (MV), 1960. [$25]

The frank would be like Type 2 but with "SD" prefix to the meter number.
It would have a straight-line town mark stretching out about 70 or 80 mm at bottom left of the frank.
V/F: ★000

2. Satas “R” (MV). [$10]

Inscribed “REPUBLIQUE/ ISLAMIC” at top, “MAURITANIE” at bottom above the meter number.
M# with “SR” prefix.
A. "ISLAMIQUE" 15½ mm wide
B. "ISLAMIQUE" 13½ mm wide
V/F: ★000

3. Satas “P” (MV). [$25]

The stamp would look similar to Type 2 but the meter number would have “SP” prefix.
M# with “SP” prefix.
V/F: ★000

4. Satus “J” (MV). [$15]

As Type 2 but meter number with “SJ” prefix.
V/F: 0000

5. Secap “N” (MV). [$25]

Inscribed “REP. ISLAMIQUE/ DE MAURITANIE” at top and "POSTES" above meter number at bottom.
M# with “N” prefix.
TM: SL below frank
V/F: ★000

6. Unidentified (digital).

This is a Post Office registration label that also includes the postage.
Plain white label with bar code and registration number across the top, followed by:
- date and time
- post office identification
- value figures
- weight
- destination
V/F: 000 Ouguiya