Information Technology and Ethics/Privacy

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Companies collect information about users, when they register at websites, fill out forms or complete surveys. They also use cookies , which are files that websites may put on your hard disk when you visit. Cookies allow companies to monitor sites you visit, it also saves prefences, and usernames. The use of this type of technology is questionable because it allows companies you use to collect information without permission. There are couple ways to limit the m=number of cookies deposited into your computer

  • Adjust browser setting setting so your computer will not accept cookies
  • Manually delete cookies
  • Anonymous browsing programs
  • Cookie Management program

Consumer data is collected whenever someone uses credit cards fills out warranty cards answers a survey over the phone, or registers a car. This information may be shared or sold to third parties.Marketing firms gather this information to form a database.Advertisers then use this information to target specific groups of people.