IB Biology/Introduction

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IB Biology refers to the International Baccalaureate (IB) group 4 experimental science Biology.

The following is (or will hopefully eventually be) an explanation of the entire IB Biology Syllabus: For first examinations in 2003. Please nte that this is now replaced by the 2009 examinations and the content of the pages are out of date. The syllabus has had significant revisions.

The Syllabus provided by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) consists of the titles displayed in bold. The explanations written in plain text below these titles have been added as supplementation and/or when further clarification is required. Basically, it takes away the need to research the "answers" to the syllabus and gives everyone a study-guide which can be accessed from anywhere, whenever needed. The following only covers the core material, all that is required for standard level Biology, and a few of the available HL/SL options.

Some Advice: Some may suggest that a large part of Biology is memorization which is a common mistake when studying Biology. The real difference is that between the Biological sciences (based on concepts) and those of the physical sciences (based on laws and theories). Thiis affects the style of learning required to master the Biologicla sciences. Go through each part individually, don't try to digest everything at once. If you manage to go through each part individually over a long period of time, you will ace the exam. Good luck!