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Human Nature: Catholic Thought and the Sciences

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This book examines the relationship between scientific studies related to human nature and Catholic thought and doctrine. It is intended as a resource both for Catholics seeking to integrate their faith with their understanding of science and others interested in the relationship between Christianity and the social and life sciences. The goal is to produce a text for a graduate or advanced undergraduate college course in theology which could alternatively be used to supplement advanced courses in specific sciences at Catholic universities.

Scientific research and Catholic thought each have something valuable to offer the other. Theology should be informed by the disciplined study of humanity from the various scientific disciplines. Science can benefit from a careful scrutiny of its ethical content and potential blind spots from the perspective of the Catholic tradition, the result of thousands of years of human experience and reflection and, for Catholics, the repository of God's revelation of human fullness in Jesus.

The empirical evidence uncovered by the sciences should be distinguished from the philosophical and methodological presuppositions of different scientific disciplines. The interaction of both with Catholic thought are within the scope of this book.

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Human Origins and God

The Body and Healing

The Brain and the Person

Psychology and Spirit

Culture and Religion

Sociology and the Church

Economics and the Kingdom

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