Lamium amplexicaule

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Lamium amplexicaule

Henbit Deadnettle
Lamium amplexicaule1.jpg
Binomial:Lamium amplexicaule

Henbit Deadnettle (Lamium amplexicaule) is a species of Lamium native to Europe, western Asia and northern Africa.


It is a low-growing annual plant growing to 10–25 cm tall, with soft, finely hairy stems. The leaves are opposite, round, 2–3 cm diameter, with a lobed margin. The flowers are pink to purple, 1.5–2 cm long.

It flowers very early in the spring even in northern areas, and for most of the winter and the early spring in warmer areas such as the Mediterranean region. It propagates freely by seed and is regarded as a minor weed. Sometimes entire fields will be reddish-purple with its flowers before spring ploughing.


It is widely naturalised in eastern North America and elsewhere, where it is considered to be an invasive weed.


Where common, is an important nectar and pollen plant for bees, especially honeybees, where it helps start the spring buildup.


  • Mowing: Regular mowing can help prevent reseeding
  • Cultivation: Effective, but best done before flowering
  • Pulling: Pulls easily
  • Disposal: Hot composting only if seeds or flowers are present